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This committee incorporates the Membership Development and Information Committees. Members of this committee will work with all of the members of the Club in order that we can attract new members. This will allow our organization to remain vibrant and active and continue to be well respected in our community. Within this committee we have identified 4 key components: 1. Mentoring: Once a new member is inducted into the Club we assign them a mentor. The person looking after this on Membership committee canvases the Club for suitable mentors. The mentor's responsibility is to make sure the mentor sheets are filled in correctly with all personal information as well as helping the new member with selecting the committees he/she would like to serve on. The new member is asked to do their classification talk which the mentor will set up through the Program Committee. Lastly the mentor will make sure the new member attends a Fireside. 2. Fireside: Within three months of a new member joining the Club the committee will be responsible for providing an overview to the person of the Club's history, various committees and activities including information on District, International, and Rotary Foundation activities. This is held a Rotarian's home with a minimum of 4 new members also including their partners if they wish. 3. Retention: We look at our membership attendance on a regular basis and if we see a member with a declining attendance we will approach them and make sure everything is alright. Any members that have resigned we will diarize to approach in 6-12 months time to see if they could be interested in coming back. 4. Recruitment: We will encourage the Club members to have a positive attitude towards actively recruiting fully qualified members in the vocations that are not represented in the Club. The committee will then take the responsibilty to contact the names put forward by the Club members.